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TGIF everyone – Who here is excited for a weekend of relaxation and reading?

You may remember Cosmic Moon’s gorgeous bookish candles from my candle review last month (original post can be found here). It’s no secret that since that initial review I became obsessed with the design of Cosmic Moon’s products and the seriously affordable prices. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll find that I’m always using Cosmic Moon candles as props in my photos. Any fellow Aussie blogger or book-nerd will understand the hardships of finding bookish merch down under. It’s a struggle. Which is why I use Cosmic Moon’s candles for everything; Instagram, for decorating my book shelves, for gifts… You name it.

Anyway, *insert drum roll here* about fourteen candles (Yes – I’m aware that I probably need help…) and a rep search later I am so excited to announce that I have become a rep for this incredible Aussie company! YAY! I’ll be representing Cosmic Moon, along with three other talented ladies, for the months of October and November and because this is my very first time being a rep I am just bouncing for joy and super excited to get started. But, that’s not all… I also had my Cosmic Moon rep package delivered to my doorstep this week and so today I’ll be unboxing all the goodies with you and reviewing the new products. So, let’s get into it!

5 Stars

The Story:


First thing’s first and  before I get into the unboxing, let me tell you a little about Cosmic Moon. Cosmic Moon (originally Candles of Magic) is a humble Australian grown business started by Sarah in May of 2017. Sarah was inspired by the craze that is bookish candles after stumbling across a candle supply company online. Perhaps it was fate? Whatever it was, the flame was ignited – the light bulb going off and Cosmic Moon was born. Having a knack for graphics design, Sarah fell in love with design as she learned to create her own labels (which really are a work of art), adding bookmark and notebook designer to her arsenal as her business grew.

Since the initial days of Candles of Magic, Cosmic Moon has grown a lot. As with most things in life, the name, design, jars, packaging – pretty much everything has evolved to become the polished company we see today. Cosmic Moon is ever growing and improving. Having started on Esty, Cosmic Moon has now moved to its very own website which has just recently gone live. Sarah spent some painstakingly long hours designing and coding the website and the finished product is as beautiful as the candles themselves. There are so many goodies to browse; candles, carousel jars, wax melts, room sprays, bookmarks and even notebooks. Be sure to follow the link to check Sarah’s products out for yourselves.


cosmic moon

My Rep Package Unboxing: 

IMG_2825In typical fashion, my Rep box was delivered to my doorstep by courier literally about ten minuets before I had to leave for work. Seriously. Worst luck ever, am I right? But, what can you do? 😉 After practically camping out in front of my mail box all week I was so excited to see what Sarah had sent me. I knew I had to risk being late to work so that I could at the very least snap a quick picture and see the new packaging. And let me tell you it was worth it. I’ve always loved the design of the Cosmic Moon packaging. The items came in a box with the elegant Cosmic Moon label and a soft baby pink color scheme. Not only that, Sarah hand wraps and packs each and every order herself. These products really are made with love.

When I opened the box, the first thing I saw was a cute matching thank you card that comes with any Cosmic Moon order. It’s these little touches that make Cosmic Moon truly a joy to inbox. It’s no secret that I’m a perfectionist and an artist major myself so when I see gorgeous packaging my soul is just… happy. There’s really no other way I can describe it. So, basically I’ve even got a Cosmic Moon box collection going on because these babies are just too good to go in the recycling! The items are all separately wrapped in bubble wrap and then pink tissue paper – keeping in theme with the rest of the packaging. It’s all this attention to detail and finishing touches that really make Cosmic Moon stand out in the bustling market. Sarah really goes above and beyond for her customers.

IMG_2826What was super fun about unboxing the rep package is that I honestly had no idea what would be in the box. It was a complete mystery – and I loved it. Obviously I had my eye on a few of Sarah’s products and to my delight they were actually included in the box! Sarah are you a physic of something??? Because my box was just perfect for me and the color schemes I like to play with on my bookstagram account.

Anyways, the first items I came across in my box were wax melts and room sprays. There were also two candles included which is what I, as an Australian Representative will be promoting. The candles arrived in perfect condition. The jars were intact, there wasn’t even the slightest hint at cracking, sweating or frosting on the surface of the candles themselves. If you want to see an-depth unboxing you’re welcome to follow the link to my Instagram account where I have my full unboxing, including videos and photos featured in my story highlights.

The Products: IMG_2889

Love Potion Wax Melts

The first product in my box was the brand new Love Potion Wax melts. The Wax melts are made from soy wax, and they are hand poured like the candles themselves. There are six cubes included in the packet and there’s even glitter and sparkles in the melts which is just too cute. Love Potion is scented with ylang ylang and iris and omg – when you put the cube in your oil burner… there are just no words. The scent isn’t too over powering but gentle and soft as the aroma wafts through the entire house which leaves everything smelling fresh and sweet. These wax melts are perfect for relaxing or even for parties when you want that extra something.

Bibliophile 30ml Room Spray 

Okay, I have to admit that before my rep package I’d never tried a room spray before but now that I have I don’t think I could possibly go back. Bibliophile comes in a gorgeous 30ml spray bottle and smells of marshmallow and let me tell you, it makes your mouth simply water! My new favorite past time is grabbing a book, lighting a candle or spraying my room when I need to relax. I love grabbing a summery book or a book about camping and spraying Bibliophile because I feel like i’m sitting around a camp fire, toasting marshmallows or making smores!

Dreamer 30ml Room Spray 

Both the Dreamer candle and room spray were some of the products I’d been eyeing off. Not only are the bohemian-like designs so beautiful but it almost seemed like they were made for me. I’m always letting my imagination run away with me so Dreamer is just perfect. Dreamer smells of dreams, buttercream and vanilla and like Bibliophile, comes in a 30ml spray bottle. I love to spray Dreamer before bed when I want to relax with a cup of earl grey tea. Simply magical!

Dreamer 4oz Soy Candle 

Okay, so this was the candle I was secretly hoping would be included. It matches perfectly with the Dreamer Room Spray which I love to use together but what I love the most about this candle is it’s stunning label. It’s all shades of blue and purple with hanging feathers and crystals and I just love it! Dreamer smells of dreams, buttercream and vanilla and let me tell you, I could actually take a bite out of this candle. Really – it smells that good! Dreamer comes with a layer of glitter and sparkles on the surface in all shades of pastel.

Beautiful Creatures 4oz Soy Candle

Another bookish candle that I had in my mental wish list – Beautiful Creatures, inspired by the book of the same name is one of my favorite smelling candles ever. Beautiful Creatures is scented with the calming aroma of Jasmine, neroli and lily and it even has the infamous symbol of the gates on the label. (featured on both the book cover and the film poster). Talk about attention to detail! Beautiful Creatures smells so magical and mystical, a perfect companion to the book, capturing the overall vibe. There is a sprinkle of glitter as well in shades of purple to match the label.

So I hope you enjoyed this in-depth look at the products included in my Cosmic Moon rep package. Don’t forget to head over to my Instagram so you can see the full unboxing featured on my story highlights. For the months of October and November you’re welcome to use my code STARLIGHT10 for 10% off your cosmic moon orders. There are so many amazing candles and bookish items to choose from (I’ve already ordered some bookmarks to try!) so be sure to check them out. I’ve already figured out which ones I’ll be getting my friends and family for Christmas. There really is a candle for everyone. And, Lastly I want to send a big, big, big thank you to you, Sarah for taking a chance on me! I’m so grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait to start snapping photos of these stunning candles.

As always, happy reading! Now I’m off to burn my candles and pick up a good book. 😉Alexandra


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    • They really are so cute! My all time favorites are the A Court of Thorns and Roses Collection. There are candles for all of the inner circle and they capture each character perfectly. Currently they are out of stock but more stock is on the way soon 🙂

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