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I was tagged by the lovely and hilariously snarky ladies Jess and Teagan over at Fictionnochaser to do the awesome Tag they created themselves; The YA Playlist Tag. Now I have to say – this is actually one of the very best tags ever conceived. I mean, who here can honestly say they’ve never heard a song and thought “hey – this sounds like it was written for *insert character name here*!”. Right. Just as I thought. No one ever.

Anyway, I was so excited to do this Tag because without even thinking most of these songs and characters came waltzing straight into my mind. I’m always making playlists for my favorite book characters and series so this is literally perfect for me. So thank you so much Jess and Teagan for creating such a fun tag and thank you again for tagging me to take part in said tag!

If you’re not already one of Jess and Teagan’s loyal followers what are you even doing with your life??? The girls have such a unique blog – I’m a huge fan of the drinks they concoct to go with their snarky and honest reviews (I’ve even tried out a few!). So don’t forget to check out their post too!

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  • Pick your characters
  • Choose their song
  • Link to original post at FictionNoChaser
  • Tag some friends

So here we go…

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 YA Hero: Nicholas Carter

The gallant and devilishly handsome Sea captain/Traveler from Alexandra Bracken’s Passenger Duology.
Song: Maps [Piano Version] by Madilyn Bailey (Maroon 5 cover) – this song reminds me so much of both Nicholas and Etta’s character archs in the series, specifically in Wayfarer.

YA Heroine: Aelin Ashryver Galathynius

Okay – swear on my life I’m not copying Jess and Teagan but with Kingdom of Ash having finally graced our book shelves mere days ago how can I not use our resident fire-breathing-bitch-queen and overall badass Aelin Ashryver Galathynius???
Song: This is where my song choice is different – I’m picking Glow by Ella Henderson. Whenever I need to channel my inner assassin or rebel queen I sing this song at the top of my lungs and it always makes me feel like I could take on the world. In fact – Glow really should be the Theme song for the whole Terrasen Court.

Sidekick: Hermione Granger 

Move over Ron Weasley because it’s our girl Hermione Granger who really takes the spotlight for this one. Where would Harry and Ron ended up if they didn’t have bookish Hermione to save their asses? Well, we all know that Ron would have been strangled to death by the Devil’s Snare, that’s for sure. He just couldn’t relax could he?
Song: Black Magic by Little Mix because even though Hermione was bullied by Draco and called a “mudblood” we all know it was you’re typical hair-pulling on the playground. Also, every guy ever wanted a taste of Emma Watson’s secret potion.

The Chosen One: Harry Potter

Is it even possible to come across the words “chosen one” and not think of literally everyone’s favorite chosen one Harry Potter? Yeah – didn’t think so. Harry Potter is that one character all other chosen ones are measured against so I couldn’t not use him.
Song: Superheroes by The Script because character’s don’t get much more heroic than Harry Potter.

Bad Boy: Daemon Black

 The infuriatingly arrogant yet seriously sexy swoon-worthy Daemon Black from Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Lux series. I mean, is there really a bad boy to rival that of Daemon?
Song: Starry Eyed by Bridgit Mendler (Ellie Goulding cover). This song, especially Ellie’s original music video always reminded me of Daemon and the world of the Luxen but it’s Bridgit’s raw, passionate version that really captures the tone of his character arch.

Character You Love to Hate: Aphrodite Lafont

Everyone’s favorite resident bitch Aphrodite Lafont, who despite her major flaws and all round bad attitude is one of my all time favorite characters.
Song: Heart Attack by Demi Lovato – this song perfectly captures Aphrodite’s deeply buried fear of not being worthy of love and her relationship with her oath-bound warrior Darius.
Bonus Round: Bubblegum Bitch and Primadonna Girl by Marina and the Diamonds

Love Triangle: Bella Swan + Edward Cullen + Jacob Black

Literally everyone’s favorite love triangle (and probably one of the more famous ones) and that’s the epic Bella + Edward + Jacob love triangle.
Song: Clarity by Zedd feat. Foxes because there so many lines in the lyrics that sum up their relationship perfectly. I mean – was this song actually written for Bella and Edward??? Also, I think I get double points and kudos here for thinking outside the box and not using one of the many amazing songs from the Twilight soundtracks. Basically, this whole song captures and perfectly sums up their entire arch across the four novels.

Villain: Eric

What would this post be without mentioning my all time favorite villain and anti-hero of all time Eric also known as The Phantom of the Opera or the Opera Ghost? You just know I have a whole playlist dedicated to this amazing classic book as well as the legendary musical itself.
Song: White Demon Love Song by The Killers because Eric is the tragic villain – everything he does, he does out of possessing Christine’s heart. Even if his methods are a little questionable and unorthodox (to say the least) I’m a sucker for villain’s driven by a quest for love.
Bonus Round: The Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Loyd Webber (Sierra Boggess and Ramin Karimloo)  because how truly epic and haunting is this song?!?

Terrible Parent: Arobynn Hamel 

Arobynn Hamel might not have been Aelin’s biological farther but he did bring Celaena Sardothian into the world. He was strict, abusive and unforgiving, shaping Celaena into the cold blooded assassin she became, never declaring himself as her father or lover but still carved out a life time of pain on her skin.
Song: You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore by Demi Lovato.

Pet: Stygian Spiders

Okay, I don’t know if the legendary Stygian Spiders and their cunning sisters in the Southern Continent the kharankui count as pets but since their first encounter in The Assassin’s Blade I knew these beasts meant business. I mean, Harry Potter who? These spiders could eat even Aragog.
Song: David Bowie’s Tolkien-esque epic Glass Spider. Not only is this such a good song but the way David Bowie weaves a fantastic tale through monolouge and song is just so dang cool and something only David Bowie could pull off. Glass Spider always made me think of Sarah J. Maas’s Stygian/Kharankui spiders and their own mythology.

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6 thoughts on “YA Playlist Book Tag

  1. Lexie, thank you so much for the tag! I seriously cannot wait to do this one; I love making connections between books/characters & music. 🙂
    And your answers are so accurate and perfect! I love that you let Hermione have the spotlight. You’re so right -Harry & Ron would’ve gotten no where without her😂

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