March Madness: March Wrap-Up

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Guess who’s back [back back]. Back again [again again]. Shady’s back [back back]. Tell a friend [friend friend]. Guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back…

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Why, hello there – remember little ol’ me??? I can’t tell you how my finger’s are practically dancing over the keys this morning. Man, does it feel good to be back and posting again. Shame who?


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My Month In A Nutshell

If you’ve been following my monthly wrap-ups this year [and fingers crossed that you have], you might have remembered that my mum was getting married this month. Well, I am so happy to share that the wedding went off without a hitch and that my mum is now officially a married woman! WHOO HOO!

With that in mind, I’m guessing that I don’t have to explain my absence over the past two weeks. In a word, March has been full on – life comes at you fast and, as a rule, all at once. I had intention of stock piling my reviews so you wouldn’t even notice my brief absence but you all know how it is. The good news is that with a new manager starting this week at work and the newly weds well and truly on their honeymoon, April will bring a much needed break which means back to regular weekly posts. *touches wood*.

The highlight of the month was the wedding. I mean, I couldn’t have pictured a more perfect day. March was pretty hectic, there were fittings and make-up trials to attend, a bridal shower to plan being the Maid of Honor, the bachelorette party and of course, the big day. It was a month chock full of celebrating and family. I think my favorite memory, besides the wedding ceremony itself, was the night before with mum and I watching the Sex and the City movie while we drank sparkling wine, gossiped and made our bouquets.

The wedding was held at Point Roadknight Beach along Victoria’s Great Ocean Rd and I had a much needed week off work, staying with the family in my own villa at the Great Ocean Rd Resort. Let me tell you – the Lux Spa was a dream and I got some much needed relaxation and pampering. The weather was perfect, the laughs were endless and I’m actually sad that it’s all over now.

The struggles? The fact that with all the partying my reading challenge and blog took a big hit. Even though I took about seven books away with me and hauled a fair few more, I barely read at all. With the gym, pool and serenity there was just too much to do! Don’t worry though – I have a ton of reviews on my plate and I’m planning to have a fantastic reading month with my down time in April!

Books Read

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After by Anna Todd |★★★★☆|Why the heck was I so here for this trashy book???  After is not a specimen of award winning literature but for what it is, I had so much fun with Hardin and Tessa’s toxic relationship. I’ve become lowkey obsessed.

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness |★★★★★| Meet my new favorite book. Part adult Harry Potter and part Twilight, A Discovery of Witches consumed me for the better part of two months. I couldn’t stop reading and yet I didn’t want Diana and Mathew’s story to end??? I was living for the library scenes and alchemy history.

Save The Date by Morgan Matson|★★★½☆| The perfect mood and destination read, I picked up Save the Date and laughed along with the crazy shenanigans the week of mum’s wedding. I mean, the amount of stuff that goes wrong in this dang wedding! So glad mum’s wedding went a lot smoother than the Grant’s!

After We Collided by Anna Todd |☆☆☆☆☆| Technically I’m still reading After We Collided but because my reading material is seriously lacking this month and the fact that I’m loving these trashy books I figured I should give it a mention.

Blog Posts

Burning The Candle At Both Ends – A [Shameful] February 2019 Wrap Up

The Liebster Award

Review: After by Anna Todd

Arabian Nights: Six Books To Read Before Seeing Disney’s Aladdin

Books hauled

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Final Thoughts and April Plans

 Considering that I have no idea what April will hold, what with mum having moved out and me living alone, I’m probably going to be mood reading again this month. For the moment, I’m thinking I’ll be working my way through the seriously trashy yet un-put-down-able After series because they are providing the perfect distraction. I do want to get back on track in terms of my reading challenge this month so I won’t set a TBR but I’m aiming for at least seven books. I’m thinking I better get on with my Discworld read-a-long though because so far I’ve only read the one… whoops!

This coming weekend I have plans with Miss Maas because I’ll be attending An Afternoon With sarah J. Maas which I am beyond excited for! You can bet that I’ll be giving you both the run down and a play by play on the blog. With the Maas buzz going around I kinda want to re-read Throne of Glass [like I need to re-read ToG again!]. I probably [as in defiantly] shouldn’t – what with my TBR and hauled books giving me the stink eye…

Until next month lovelies! xAlexandra



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