The Back List: Books on my Radar for 2020

Ah, the back list. We all have one.

It’s that pile of books you’ve bought but never read. The ones giving you the stink eye from your shelves, collecting dust. Maybe it’s that bestseller from last year? A classic you swore you’d eventually get around to reading?

One of my resolutions this year is to finally beat my back list. Or, at the very least, attempt to tame the beast. After all, isn’t it high time I rolled up my lazy-ass sleeves and just got to it? Any book accumulating dust bunnies needs to be read. Simple as that.

So, while TBRs are not my friend, here are some back listed books on my radar for 2020. Let’s slay those dragons – one book at a time!

The Love & Trilogy by Jenna Evans Welch

These books would be lucky to have so much as a dust bunny – they’ve only been waiting for a little over three months. That being said, I’m super anxious to read them! This contemporary trilogy is about wanderlust and adventuring with a splash of romance. I am all about girl-abroad stories and exploring other cultures so this sounds right up my alley! Also, throw in a pinch of family angst with a broken heart and I am there.

Strange the Dreamer Duology by Laini Taylor

So far, like Love & Gelato, Strange the Dreamer has escaped the dust bunnies. But, just because they haven’t sat on my shelves for long doesn’t mean they haven’t been on my TBR for longer. Like 2017 long. This series has just always intimidated the heck out of me. The hype is read okay? Hype or no hype, this year I want to swallow my fear and just drive right in. Here’s hoping Strange the Dreamer is my next favorite.

Bring Me Their Hearts Trilogy by Sara Wolf

I’ve heard great things about Bring Me Their Hearts so I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this bloodthirsty fantasy series. Especially with the third installment, Send me Their Souls set to release in November. I’ve been promised magical world building with history and lore. Sign me the heck up! Also can we please take a moment to appreciate the cover design? I could have bought this series on it’s beautiful covers alone.

Fairy Tales Duology by Rosamund Hodge

These two books have been starring daggers at me from my shelves since the dawn of time. *Hangs head in shame*. Okay – maybe not since the “dawn of time” but you get what I mean. I bought Cruel Beauty in my Beauty and the Beast phase but never actually got around to reading it. [???] As you do. Considering a lot of people have compared Cruel Beauty to A Court of Thorns and Roses you just know it’ll be my next obsession.

Even The Darkest Stars Duology by Heather Fancett

It’s time for a confession: I talk about Even The Darkest Stars all the time but I’ve never actually finished reading it… Whoops. I got about 2/3’s of the way through – I promise. Just going to chalk that one up to being a mood reader. Anyway, this series, inspired by early expeditions to Mt. Everest, has a magical frost bitten atmosphere and a serious mood. You just know I’ll be snuggling up with this one during those colder winter months.

Heart of Iron Duology by Ashley Poston

I’m not going to lie – I just kinda forgot about Heart of Iron. What drew me to this series was it’s premise: Anastasia in space. Um, like where do I sign up??? Fun fact: I am pretty much obsessed with all things Anastasia. The animated film? Duh! The soundtrack? Basically the soundtrack to my life! The Broadway show? Hell yeah! Anyway, my obsession aside, I love a good romp through space so I’m super excite to finally read this series.

What are some of your back listed books? Is there a book I missed? Or, Have you read any of the books on my list? I’d love some motivation! Happy reading lovelies!


16 thoughts on “The Back List: Books on my Radar for 2020

  1. I loved Cruel Beauty and Crimson Bound, they definitely have a strong fairytale vibe. Just a note though, they’re standalones not a duology.


    • That’s so good to know because I’m all about the fairy tale vibe! 😉 I guess it’s subjective, I know Crimson Bound and Cruel Beauty don’t have a continuing story line but I’ve just always seen them as a duology underneath the same theme… if that makes sense?


  2. I’m sure you’ll find some new favourites in this list. I definitely have Even The Darkest Stars on my tbr for sometime, but haven’t heard enough good reviews to really pick it up. Good luck with this tbr!

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  3. I absolutely adore Jenna Evans Welch’s books- so glad to see them on your list and that you enjoyed them! We can anticipate Love & Olives together! Strange the Dreamer is super gorgeous as well.

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    • Oh it’s so good! I just finished Love & Luck and Love & Gelato [still waiting on Love & Olives to release!] and all I can say is I am obsessed. I’m currently working on my reviews but the short hand is you definitely need them on your list! 😉 x

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  4. ahhh I SO want to read Bring Me Their Hearts but my library and kindle unlimited doesn’t have copy so Ive been putting off buying it for sooo long… but that cover though is truly beautiful and I would read just bc of how gorgeous it is!! Cruel Beauty is so good! I highly recommend u read it if you find the time! I admit I bought a copy of crimson bound and its lying around somewhere in my house (i know desperately want to find it lol) Great list 🙂

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed Cruel Beauty – more incentive to finally get around to reading it!

      As for Bring Me Their Hearts, I should probably hurry up and read it. That way I can let you know if it’s worth buying. I’m always finding that it’s very hard to find non mainstream books at local libraries! You could try asking them to order it for you? I’ve done that in the past – they are always looking for more suggestions!

      Thank you for reading! ❤

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