The Back List: Series I Need To Finish In 2020

There are two major aspects to being a reader:

  1. You love to read and will read any at chance you can. On the bus? Sure. In the bath? Um, where else? Walking down the street? Why not?
  2. You love buying, hording and accumulating books. Paper backs, hard backs, collectors editions, second hand – you want it all.

But, therein lies the problem.

It’s a tough pill to swallow but no matter how hard we read, it’s impossible to keep up with our TBRs. Especially when shinny new books beckon us with their siren’s call and of cause, the more we buy, the more we pave that soul crushing pile – brick by brick.

Well let it be know that 2020 is where this vicious cycle ends. I’m taking back my TBR, taking back my freedom and slaying my dragons. One book at a time.

And, with the obligatory dramatic introduction out of the way, let’s get into the back listed series I need to finish this year.

The Folk of the Air Trilogy by Holly Black

I seriously need to figure out if I’m finishing or axing this trilogy from my pile – I don’t have time for unnecessary weight. Now for some context; I’ve read The Cruel Prince. And I hated it. I basically dragged the heck out of it and yet, bought The Wicked King??? I never promised to be reasonable nor logical. But, I’m swallowing my pride and giving The Cruel Prince a second chance. Maybe then I can settle this once and for all?

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Trilogy by Jenny Han

Don’t ask me why I’ve never finished this series. It’s quirky, adorable and basically coated with a dusting of sugar but I’ve never read Always and Forever, Lara Jean. Actually scratch that – I do know why. It can be summed up in two little words: Peter Kavinsky. I wanted to smack the heck out of him! All I’m saying is that I’m 100% Team John Ambrose McClaren. #stillsalty.

The Falconer Trilogy by Elizabeth May

This trilogy has been accumulating dust bunnies since way back when in 2016. Honestly, I loved The Falconer – I have no idea why I kept pushing it to the back burner. Especially after that devastating cliff hanger??? The Falconer is the story of Aileana Kameron – she’s a female warrior born to slay the dark, blood thirsty fae and she’s the last of her line. I’m super anxious get back to this alternate steampunk Edinburgh.

The Caraval Trilogy by Stephanie Garber

Confession: I was supposed to read Finale, thereby finishing the trilogy, last year. Key word here being supposed. In my defense I was basically flattened underneath the weight of last year’s TBR. Lesson learned. The world of Caraval is one of my favorites and gives me all those Night Circus vibes. It’s whimsical and lush with a darker, dangerous side. I still have so many questions churning away from that shocking plot twist in Legendary.

The Stormheart Trilogy by Cora Carmack

Okay, are we sensing a pattern here? Because I sure am. I feel like I never stopped talking about Roar last year. What with it’s intriguing magic systems and wind swept atmosphere. The thing is I’ve heard some pretty mixed reviews about Rage – I do not want to be let down. But, with Reign, the final stage of the trilogy set to release this year it’s the perfect chance to buckle down and push on.

The Androma Saga by Sasha Alsberg & Lindsay Cummings

And it’s time for another unpopular opinion! I didn’t hate Zenith. In fact, I actually had a lot of fun. Was it an original, high-concept Sci-Fi? No. But, Zenith’s narrative has a lot of potential and for what it’s worth, I don’t think it deserves the backlash it coped. I loved it’s Guardians of the Galaxy meets Throne of Glass vibe and it’s badass, all-girl crew of mercenaries.  I’m looking forward to see how Nexus will bring all the PoV’s to ahead. Also – space pirates. Enough said.

And that’s my list! Have you got any series you still need to finish? I’d love to hear about it in the comments. Happy reading lovelies!


10 thoughts on “The Back List: Series I Need To Finish In 2020

  1. The Wicked King is a million times better than Cruel Prince imo! And Always and Forever Lara Jean is definitely my favorite of the trilogy bc instead of petty love triangle drama it’s really real with dealing with change that comes with growing up and going to college… I hope you enjoy them if/when u get around to them. ❤️

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    • Really?!? Oh thank god – I really needed to hear that! I feel like I’m missing out because everyone loves the Folk of the Air.

      Also I literary just finished Always and Forever, Lara Jean and you were 100% right – it’s so mature and very bitter sweet. I think I finally bought my ticket for the Peter express! I felt so nostalgic for my senior year reading it. Now I just want to read them again! ❤


  2. I have so many backlisted series I don’t even want to think about it 😂 It can be so hard to keep up with books and new releases sometimes. Good luck with getting through this list, you can do it!!


  3. Despite your Peter feels, I hope you love LOVE Always and Forever, Lara Jean. It’s one of my all-time favorite reads. Two series I definitely need to finish ASAP is Marissa Meyer’s Renegades trilogy by reading Supernova and Alexa Martin’s Intercepted series!

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