Alexandra’s Bookish Bucket Lists: The Warriors Saga

Warning: this blog is about to be spammed with a whole ton of Warriors content. In my defense: I’ve just realized that even after eleven years, I’m still unapologetically 100% trash for warrior cats. In case you have no flipping clue as to what the actual heck Warriors is – prepare to be enlightened.

Basically, Warriors is a long-spanning feline fantasy saga and it’s freaking phenomenal. Think The Lion King meets Watership Down – just with feral wild cats instead of lions and rabbits. The series is so atmospheric, rich with it’s own mythology and lore.

Which brings me to this post – allow me to introduce you to a brand spanking new blog series. Welcome to Alexandra’s Bookish Bucket Lists, a series where I rave about all the things I want to do in my favorite fictional worlds. In this episode, we’re entering the world of the clans and the forest territories of White Hart Woods.

Okay, so I know I briefly touched on Warrior’s but let’s paint the scene a little, shall we?

The sprawling forest territories are divided into four clans, each boasting their own distinct skills and traits; ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan and ShadowClan. While tensions and rivalries run high among the clans, all are governed by the laws set down in the warrior code. [FYI – the warrior code is a pretty big deal to the clans].

Most of the novels [at this stage there are seven main series, each consisting of six books] are centered around ThunderClan which is essentially the Griffindor of the Warriors world. [Let’s be real – RiverClan = Ravenclaw, WindClan = Hufflepuff and ShadowClan = Slytherin]. Each series is separate, moving forward half a generation with new protagonists and prophecies.

For the basis of this post, I’ve centered my bucket list around the original series, now dubbed The Prophecies Begin. And don’t stress about spoilers – this series will focus more on world building.

Let’s get into it:

Join the warriors on a patrol

eureka ♋ ACAB!! on Twitter: "Wayne McLoughlin warrior cats appreciation  post I want this slapped on my walls they're so good… "

The warrior code decrees that clan boundaries must be patrolled daily. Patrols are organised by the clan deputy and go out at dawn, sunhigh, dusk and moonhigh. During these patrols, boundaries are checked, scents are marked and any trespassers are challenged. I mean, isn’t the thought of learning border tactics and defense so exciting? Considering that I’m more of a morning person, I’d be more inclined to join the dawn patrol with a couple of my clanmates.

Join one of Sandstorm’s hunting patrols

The clan needs to be fed – both warriors and apprentices hunt for the queens and elders. Hunting patrols, much like the boundary patrols, go out daily to make sure the food stores are well stocked. The thought of teaming up with my fellow denmates for a hunting patrol is just to fun to pass up. I mean, who wouldn’t want to stalk their prey through the undergrowth? I might even ask one of the warriors – probably Sandstrorm – to practice some hunting techniques.

Attend a Gathering

eureka ♋ ACAB!! on Twitter: "Wayne McLoughlin warrior cats appreciation  post I want this slapped on my walls they're so good… "

Once a month, during the full moon, the clans meet for the monthly Gathering on neutral ground sacred to StarClan [the warrior ancestors who walk the path of the skies]. The Gathering is considered an honor to attend and every kit longs to meet with the clans beneath Silverpelt [cat speak for the Milky Way]. The Gatherings are held underneath a strict truce – which no cat is to break. It’s the perfect chance to meet friends from rival clans, brag about warrior training, gossip with the elders and share the forest’s current affairs.

Climb the Owl Tree

The Owl Tree lies on the edge of ThunderClan’s forest territory, just to the west of the camp. The Owl Tree is a sprawling oak but halfway up its trunk lies a hole home to a tawny owl. Legend has it that long ago a ThunderClan apprentice learned to hunt under a cloak of silence and stealth from an owl. Whether or not the legend is actually true, wouldn’t it be cool to sneak out at dark to learn the secrets of night hunting? Or, at the very least, see who could climb the highest?

Sit vigil and guard the camp

warriors cats | Tumblr

When a new warrior is appointed, the warrior code decrees they must keep vigil and guard the camp for one night. This silent vigil is an ancient tradition and the chance to reflect on your new warrior name while your clanmates sleep. The thing is, while earning your warrior name is exciting, it’s also a huge responsibility and the warrior code demands a lot of its warriors. Your vigil is a night for listening and reflection – the clan depends on you. [Fingers crossed I won’t have to sit my vigil during leafbare…].

Have you read any Warriors books? Let’s chat in the comments below! What’s on your Warriors bucket list?


8 thoughts on “Alexandra’s Bookish Bucket Lists: The Warriors Saga

    • Awwww thank you – can you tell that I had WAY too much fun writing this post??? This series was a childhood favorite of mine and I sort fell back into them with the escalating situation regarding COVID19 in VIC. Suffice to say, I’m hooked and still Warriors trash! 😂💙

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    • Awww thank you so much, Carly! I actually had so much fun creating and writing this post. I was starting to feel that my creative spark was dwindling away. You can absolutely request a Folk of the Air edition! Keep your eyes peeled… It may or may not drop this month… 😉 💙


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