50 Things To Do During Spooktober

I think we can all agree that the holiday season’s going to look a lot different this year. But perpetual lock down and social distancing won’t stop me from fully relishing in the spooky month!

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So, because we’re all feeling that quarantine fatigue, let’s celebrate Spooktober with yet another nifty list of seasonal actives. Not only is this feature post 100% social-distance-approved but it’s guarantied to keep you busy and spread some much needed cheer this Halloween.

Let’s get into it…

1. Sip pumpkin spice lattes (basically Halloween in a cup)

2. Then gorge yourself on Reese’s peanut butter cups

3. Decorate your home with wreaths, skeletons and cobwebs (because it’s the spooky season, baby!)

4. Create a spooky TBR

5. Buzzfeed Unsolved marathon with the Ghoul Boys (the shenanigans are priceless and the banter iconic)

appreciate the boys, okay? | buzzfeed unsolved - "it's our bridge now" -  Wattpad

6. Roast pumpkin seeds over the fire

7. Treat yourself to come comfort food and cook a creamy pumpkin soup from scratch (keep your eyes peeled for my personal recipe!)

8. Read a witchy book

9. Immerse yourself in the mulled scents of fall and burn some seasonal candles

10. Marathon the Tim Burton classics (this is Halloween! this is Halloween!)

Jack Skellington Scary Face GIFs | Tenor

11. Make candy apples

12. Or, if that sounds too complicated, try bobbing for apples instead (just you know, don’t waterboard yourself)

13. Tell scary stories in the dark

14. Knit yourself a Mrs Weasly approved sweater (bonus points if it features the first letter of your name)

15. Mickey’s House of Villains movie night

dewey gif | Tumblr

16. Browse your local farmers market

17. Read a spooky, atmospheric book (always going to recommend House of Salt and Sorrows)

18. Jump into a crunchy pile of leaves

19. Build some vibing mood playlists for the spooky season

20. Bust out those holiday specials and binge your favorite re-runs (a Treehouse of Horror marathon is always the way to go)

Simpsons alice in wonderland lisa simpson GIF on GIFER - by Celv

21. Visit a pumpkin patch

22. Bake and decorate some Halloween themed cookies (why not base them off of your favorite book or series?)

23. Binge the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix

24. Bathe in the moonlight

25. Traipse across the Discworld with Terry Pratchett, Death and friends (it’s a scream)

Spira Virgo's review of Hogfather

26. Snuggle around the fire pit

27. And then, why not roast some gooey marshmallows? (I’ll take mine burnt with a side of ash)

28. Make an autumn wreath

29. Marathon the Harry Potter films (they’re wholesome and perfect suited for the holidays)

30. Brew yourself a pint of butter beer

gif harry potter mine Halloween emmawathson •

31. Challenge your house mates to a heated game night

32. Dabble in makeup artistry and experiment with some spooky looks (there’s always plenty of tutorials on YouTube)

33. Hike through nature and feel the rain on your face

34. Spread some love and send your family a Halloween card (bonus points if it’s home made)

35. Watch a scary movie

View topic - Kalon #590 - WINNER - Chicken Smoothie

36. Bust out your mum’s sewing machine and try your hand at costume design

37. Create your own seasonal cocktail

38. Host a social-distance-approved Halloween party via Zoom (it’s BYOB – bring your own blood)

39. Build a bonfire

40. Go stargazing and chart those constellations

Night cinemagraph windy GIF - Find on GIFER

41. Scare your siblings (and then run for your life)

42. Spread some social-distance-approved festive cheer and “ghost” your neighbors (basically, leave a package on their doorstep filled with spooky goodness)

43. Get all kinds of creative and start a bullet journal for Spooktober

44. Drink mulled wine (and feel superior AF)

45. Carve a pumpkin (bonus points if it’s based off your favorite book)

Halloween Gif - 360 Insurance Company

46. Challenge your siblings to a Halloween scavenger hunt around the house

47. Go apple picking

48. Pour yourself a glass of wine and dance around your house to the Monster Mash

49. Pen your own spooky tale

50. Research some local urban legends or folklore

Remember: just because the holiday season looks a little different this year doesn’t mean we can’t still have a scream! How are YOU celebrating the spooky season this month?


14 thoughts on “50 Things To Do During Spooktober

  1. This list is giving me all the fall halloweeny vibes and I love it ❤ I never know if I should watch Nightmare Before Christmas around halloween or Christmas haha sometimes I end up watching it around thanksgiving in November to split the difference. I love Corpse Bride for halloween though ahh! frankenweenie too but also it's a bit scary for me lmao I'm a humongous wimp. (to date I have never watched Coraline much less a real scary movie). House of Salt and Sorrows is the absolute perfect spooky book to read! I would love some butterbeer ahh (all year round I would love it really) but also Harry Potter pumpkin juice sounds so good now?? I've never had it haha but I love pumpkin everything soooo… would love to hike through nature and feel the rain on my face if it wasn't super hot and no trace of rain where I live lmao but I never leave my house anyways so I can pretend it's chilly outside?? (I say this while in my tank top and shorts with the fan blasting on me). dancing around the house to monster mash is an always. every year on halloween!!
    hope you're having an amazing spooktober ❤ ❤

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    • The Nightmare Before Christmas is so confusing. Like, is it a Halloween movie? A Christmas movie? When should I watch it??? I always end up watching it around Halloween because there are just SO many Christmas specials to wade my way through come December. Actually, this year I’ve vowed to start my holiday marathoning in November so I don’t run out of time again. I feel like Thanksgiving would be a good time to watch it though – the best of both worlds! 😉

      I’ve actually just started re-reading House of Salt and Sorrows [Cassius has just strut his way onto the scene and the sisters have just commissioned their “fairy shoes”]. Considering how much of a whimp I am, I’m surprised at how much I live for the darker vibe? Especially as the third act comes into play…

      But now I’m totally kicking myself for not thinking of Pumpkin Juice. I mean, it’s PERFECT for the spooky season! How did I miss this???

      Wishing you an amazing spooktober too, Kay! 💙💙💙

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      • There really are a million Christmas movies haha Nightmare before Christmas gets buried sometimes. (also note I’m so annoyed that the Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay starts in like September??? like… no. I love the movie, it’s the perfect haunted mansion holiday overlay for Christmas time, but the original is so much scarier and it’s literally a haunted house?? so it doesn’t need a halloween overlay??? why would you want your haunted house to have Christmas decor in October??? forever salty lmao)

        Haha I’m a wimp too I didn’t know how dark and spooky House of Salt and Sorrows was until I was already reading it and if I’d known I probably wouldn’t have read it (ngl half the reason I read it was probably the cover anyways lmao) but I’m glad I didn’t know because I love that book so much ❤ the darkest I can tolerate ❤

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        • HOLD THE PHONE – DISNEYLAND STARTS THE HOLIDAY OVERLAY IN SEPTEMBER…??? DUDE, WHY?!? *I’m going to need a couple of moments to process that*. I mean, I’ve never gotten to ride the Haunted Mansion during the holiday overlay (well actually, no, I think I did once but it wasn’t very memorable) but wouldn’t it be better to leave it ~spooky~ for Halloween??? Disney I am confusion. EXPLAIN! 😂😂😂

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  2. I love this list so much ❤ I’ll make this my bucket list for October and November and try to do everything (I probably can’t). For me, spooky season starts as soon as it’s October, with cloudy weather and a chill in the air. Instead I get freaking hot weather and no clouds in sight 😭 Oh well, I shouldn’t have expected cool weather anyways. As for books and movies, no horror. Augh horror freaks me out. I’m such a scaredy-cat and I jump at everything. I’m probably going to celebrate Halloween with my friends. If not that, then I’m probably going to stay home and read 😌👌 Hope you have a great spooky season 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwww, that means so much – thank you! I wish you the best of luck – although I’ll be VERY impressed if you manage to tick all the boxes! Be sure to let me know how it works out for you! 💙

      But I can 100% relate to having to celebrate the spooky season amidst hot weather! In Melbourne we’re moving into spring so I have to imagine it’s actually fall. That never stops me though! And it helps that Melbourne has wacky weather – nothing sets the scene like a cloudy, rainy day! 😉

      I wish you the spookiest of Spooktobers – thanks for stopping by! 🎃

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      • I will! I probably won’t be able to do like half the list but we’ll see 😉

        Oh wow. Lucky. It must be really cool having opposite seasons then. I’ve been wanting to go to Australia for years, but never went. I want to go so bad! I wish it would rain here but it only rains in the winter 😔

        Thank you and you’re welcome! Love your blog 😍

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  3. All of these are freaking amazing ideas, Alexandra!
    I honestly want to do so many of these and have plans for Halloween with my friend ( which is actually when I met my now-boyfriend last year when I tipped a bucket of slime on him ! ) but want to do so many binges of candy, crafts, books and movies!
    Hope you enjoy the spooky season!
    P.S I convinced my school cafeteria to order pumpkin spice syrup. They did. All the students have been buying them and they need to order more. Pumpkin spice latte’s for the win!
    Emma xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhh, I’m so proud that you managed to convince your school to order pumpkin spice syrup! YOU FREAKING GO GIRL! I bet you’re the most popular student ever now – they’re going to whisper legends about you in the hallways for years to come! 😉 We’re still in lock down in Melbourne [literally just Melbourne which sucks :/ ]. I can’t travel more than 5km from home so I can’t get to a Starbucks. I swear I’m suffering from pumpkin spice withdrawal! If I miss out this season, I’ll have to wait ANOTHER year!!! AHHHHHHH! 😦

      Hope you’re enjoying your Spooktober so far! [I’ve already started my Tim Burton marathon!] x 💙

      Liked by 1 person

      • I have been thouroughly thanked, I assure you!
        I honestly haven’t been to Starbucks in way too long?? I need to! I hope you are doing well in the Lockdown 😦 Are you able to order some syrup to make a pumpkin spice coffee at home?

        Yay! I have just bought a digital copy of the Corpse Bride and rewatched Sleepy Hollow. Coraline is next!

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