Being the Main Character: April 2021 Wrap-Up

Guess who’s back and super inspired to start writing again? This girl.

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*Me walking back to my desk after being totally MIA all month*

Wow – what a month. Looking back post-vacation, I can’t believe just how much I managed to cram into thirty days.

The first thing I need to address is the fact that even before I left for the Whitsundays, I was super inactive. No, I wasn’t suffering through another reading slump. Actually, I was caught up in the drama of my own life. Spoiler alert: it didn’t end well. But, it was a wild ride and for one glorious month, I felt like the Main Character. [More on that later].

Here’s what I’ve been up too…

The crisp chill of Melbourne’s autumn set in and I was super busy, slowly getting ready to travel amidst working the Easter weekend [which was hectic but hey – I survived]. Time was flying and there was so much to do. Besides packing, I was catching up with friends and *drum roll* living out a romance. Or so I thought.

Over the past few months, I’d been having a flirtation with a guy I’d met through work. And it seemed to be going well. As in cheesy rom-com well. We started talking outside of our respective workplaces and I finally worked up the courage to make my move and ask him out for coffee [which morphed into a lunch date]. I was completely smitten. And then I jet setted off to the Whitsundays and he ghosted me.

After weeks of flirty messages and inside jokes he went full radio silence but the worst thing of all? When I got back he was excited to see me. Like he hadn’t just ignored me for three weeks??? #screwthat.

But let me tell you, while he was ghosting me in Melbourne, I was having the adventure of my life, swimming with reef sharks and flirting with a cute barista *insert dreamy vacation montage here*. Nobody treats me like that and gets away with it. You snooze, you lose buddy!

When I wasn’t busy sipping cocktails and exploring the reef, I was working on my WIP. I’d given myself a deadline and I’m finally sticking to it. So far it’s going well. I had to re-work the first three chapter’s but I’m actually at a point where I don’t think it’s a flaming piece of trash [whoo! Progress!]. Before I left, I was drafting the meet cute and I’m hoping to keep the momentum going. Especially after the Whitsundays – talk about inspiration!

Speaking off, I’m currently writing an in-depth travel post which will be live at the end of next week.

All the Tides of Fate by Adalyn Grace YA > Fantasy | ★★★ ★ ½ |  All the Tides of Fate was EXACTLY what I needed it to be – epic, sweeping and full-throttle. The watery Kingdom of Visidia expands as the crew sets sail to break Amora’s curse and unite the islands. There’s new adversaries, deeper mythology and a whole lot of badassery. One of the best conclusions to a duology ever and the perfect pirate-y adventure for summer.

99% Mine by Sally Thorne | Adult > Romance | ★★★☆☆ | Sigh. Talk about a soul crushing disappointment – man oh man did I have high hopes for this book. 99% Mine traveled with me throughout the Whitsundays [you can tell by the crinkled, water-damaged pages]. I read it by the pool and on the beach, generally with a fancy cocktail in hand. And yet, it was boring? A romance set during a renovation, 99% Mine was basically 99% banter with mediocre chemistry and zero plot.

Clanlands by Sam Heughan & Graham McTavish  | Non-Fiction > Travel/History | ☆☆☆☆☆ | Urgh, another book I’ve struggled through – one I’ve still yet to finish. Considering how much I love Sam Heughan and Outlander, I was super excited to get my hands on Clanlands. I mean, a road trip with Sam and Graham featuring whisky, history and travel??? Sign me the heck up for that! But while I love the idea of Clanlands, the execution not so much. It’s dry and very history-focused. Which is fine but… I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bored. Hoping to finish this one soon.

Review: All the Tides of Fate by Adalyn Grace

Hanging With the Girls: March 2021 Wrap-Up

Coming home from the Whitsundays was hard. Especially when Melbourne’s weather is currently so dark and I’m back to being single again. It’s easy to feel on top of the world when your travelling but sooner or later life goes back to normal. Which is why I want to go easy on myself this month.

I plan on finishing Beach Read and then Second First Impressions because romance is always the way to go. Other than that, I’m going to follow my mood. Maybe we’ll knock the last books off my summer reading list or maybe I’ll start reading more fantasy – who really knows. [I’m feeling an urge to re-read Shadow and Bone or see what all the From Blood and Ash hype is about].

As for blogging, keep your eyes peeled for my travel diaries. There’s going to be lots of photos, travel anecdotes and playlists because that’s just how I roll. Then, depending on how busy I get, I’ve got some more themed recommendations and a review in lined up. [Here’s hoping life settles down and I actually stick to my posting schedules this month 😅].

How did your reading month go? I’d love to hear from you! Wishing you a very belated happy may – until next time!


5 thoughts on “Being the Main Character: April 2021 Wrap-Up

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about him ghosting you, but you’re right: it’s not worth it (I had a guy ghost me after three dates and six weeks of texting *on my birthday*, so when you mentioned he ghosted you, I was ready to rage on your behalf). I’m so glad you had a wonderful vacation and I hope this next month is very wonderful for reading and writing!

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  2. It sounds like you had an amazing time! I loved seeing your photos on Instagram!! That guy totally missed out on an amazing person so it’s his loss ❤ Have a great reading month!! And omg the feel; being MIA from your blog cause life is super busy is such a mood I've been in lol

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  3. UGH, MEN!!!! Some of them are so stupid. Team Flirty Barista all the way. The douchebag from work is missing out big time!

    But it sounds like you had a dreamy vacation! I loved keeping up with all of your Instagram stories… it looked like such a beautiful getaway!

    I’m SUPER curious to see what you think of From Blood and Ash. I think the hype kind of ruined the series for me, but I still thought book one was pretty good! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


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