25 Bookish Facts About me


  1. At last count I had exactly 300 books – I kid you not, at the time I counted them all it was exactly 300. But, you know me. In less that six months it’ll probably be 350… I have a problem –
  2. I prefer the look of hardbacks but prefer the feel of paperbacks which is why my bookshelf consists almost entirely of paperbacks. I have a grand total of 115 hardback books (currently) on my shelf.
  3. That being said I can’t stand mass market paperbacks and will always pay the extra money for the proper paperback  edition. I can’t tell you how dang annoyed I am that my Outlander books are all mass market paperbacks with real shitty, thin pages. One day I’ll be able to afford those beautiful hardcovers… 😦
  4. I love to snack while reading, I love anything sweet like chocolate, cookie dough or biscuits with tea but will sometimes even go for Doritos and coke … I have a problem…
  5. I can typically read upwards of 75 pages in an hour.
  6. I am very much guilty of judging books by their cover. What can I say? If i see a pretty cover I’m all over it. I have actually bought books before solely based on their beautiful covers.
  7. I am a freak about the condition and state of my books. Heaven forbid there’s a dogeared page or crease/crack in the spine! My books always look brand new and I pride myself on that.
  8. As a result I refuse to lend out my books. Not even my mother gets to borrow them – sorry mum but you’er not borrowing ‘Amy & Rodger’s Epic Detour’!
  9. I am a confessed book shopaholic.
  10. I hate ebooks and refuse to read them. I have to have the proper book to hold in my hand, none of this kindle stuff. I’m sorry Kindle but you are not a book.
  11. I love the smell of books and casually smell them while I read… yeah that’s not creepy at all…
  12. I am always actively writing (hence the blog) and have half-written and/or planned over 10 novels and hope to be a published author one day. Hopefully in the not too distant future so stay tuned!
  13. I hate dust covers! Urh! I mean if you lose them and/or ruin them (which I somehow always manage to do) then your beautiful book has no cover! And I always remove the when I’ reading that particular book hence why they get lost. (This is also why I only have 115 hardbacks – dust covers man!)
  14. I love so many genres but my all time favorite would most definatley have to be fantasy.
  15. Don’t get me wrong – I love libraries but I prefer to own books. My friends ask me all the time why I spent all my money on books instead of just going to the library but I have to own them. I have to have them on my shelf!
  16. I have a massive collection of book marks which I’ve been collecting since I was in grade 7.
  17. Surprisingly when I was little I struggled to read and got put in the lower reading groups at school. I was soooo jealous of my best friend because she got to read ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe’ and I wasn’t allowed too. Funnily enough now I trump everyone I know in the reading department.
  18. My goodreads reading challenge for 2018 is 70 books but I’ll probably read more than that. In 2019 I’m going for 100!
  19. I will never get tired of books set during the summer – I will read that trope to death! There’s something so nostalgic about summer romances, they just take you back to when you first fell in love and they are always so cute!
  20. I usually read before bed. And in the morning with my breakfast. And on the train to uni… and when I get home… weekends… yeah… I pretty much read 24/7…
  21. I tend to read multiple books at once. Sometimes I’ll only read 2 and other times 3 or 5. But, if its a really amazing book I’ll dedicate my full attention to it.
  22. I will always read a book set in a magical school – who doesn’t love ‘Harry Potter’ or ‘House of Night’?!?!? I am always on top of that trope too.
  23. I always loved reading but it was Stephenie Myre’s ‘Twilight Saga’ that awoke my passion for YA and paranormal. To this day ‘Twilight’ still holds a soft spot in my heart and I’ve read the whole series 13 times. Yeah… I’m not sure if that’s something to be proud of or not.
  24. I can read upwards of 2 books a week.
  25. I seriously adore books with maps! I actually love to track the hero’s journey while I’m reading about all their amazing expeditions and adventures. It just makes reading so much more fun.

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