Let’s Get Lost: Recommendations for Bookish Vagabonds

It’s been one year since Melbourne entered it’s first stage three lock down and let’s just say it’s been a wild time. Looking back, it’s unbelievable just how drastically our lives have all changed since March 2020. I mean, remember when we were all worried about the Australian bush fires? It almost seems like an entire lifetime has past since.

Anyway, because travel seems to be off the table for a while yet, I wanted to share some recommendations. I’ve personally curated a selection of hauntingly atmospheric books to take you on a sweeping fictional journey. These books blend genre and explore different cultures – perfect for any bookish vagabond to get lost in.

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If You Like That, Try This: Recommendations for Mood Readers

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A reader is faced with many struggles – it’s not an easy life. Key word here being life because spoiler alert: reading isn’t a hobby. It’s a life style.

There’s book hangovers and their evil counterparts; book slumps. There’s the fact that we set overly ambitious – and seriously achievable – reading challenges. And let’s not even mention the constant strain from the crushing weight of our TBR piles.

So yeah, we readers have a lot to deal with but nothing compares to the struggles of being a mood reader.

Hi, my name is Alexandra and I’m a mood reader *waves*.

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Arabian Nights: Six Books To Read Before Seeing Disney’s Aladdin

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Unless you’ve just spent the past ten thousand years in the cave of wonders you would have seen that Disney’s full blown trailer for the live-action reboot of Aladdin has finally surfaced. Spoiler alert – it promises to sweep us off to a whole new world!

Let it be known that I am basically certified trash for the Disney live-action films [#shutupandtakemymoney]. I know that these films get a lot of hate but I love seeing my favorite stories weaved into cinematic epics with a fresh modern take.

While we love the nostalgic Disney classics, the role of women has changed drastically during the 21st century. In today society, beloved characters like Snow White and Aurora don’t hold up as active role models for the younger generation. This generation needs independent princesses fully capable of rescuing themselves with clear goals and hobbies besides their love interest. This is why I think these live-action films are essential for this generation. While Belle was always intelligent and strong-willed, the decision to make her an inventor in the 2017 reboot highlights how Disney is becoming more progressive with their heroines. I honestly can’t wait to see what new heights [pun intended] Naomi Scott takes princess Jasmine to when Aladdin finally releases.

So in honor of fierce heroines like Jasmine, I’m going to be recommending six 100% Genie approved desert fantasy books to curb those cravings and keep you sated during the long wait.

*Cue Arabian Nights theme*

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A Pirate’s Life For Me – Swashbuckling Adventures For Summer

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Avast ye matey! As we kick off November ‘Down Under’, spring in full bloom and summer just around the corner I figured what better way to kick off the warmer weather with some summary book recommendations? And I’m not talking about everyone’s go-to summer reads. Yes, sun kissed contemporaries are perfect for lazing in the surf or curling up on a hot summer night but when you need something with a little more substance and high stakes shenanigans what could be better than an adventure on the high seas? So, after my Pirate bender this year and discovering lots of new books, I’ll be sharing with you some of my all time favorite tales of pirates, adventures, scoundrels and swashbucklers alike to help you cool off during the harsh Australian summer heat. Or, if you live up in the North, something you remind you of the sun as you descend into the winter months. Savvy?

But beware – for here there be dragons, witty banter and swoon-worthy rouges. Tread lightly, me hearty.

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5 Books To Read If You Loved Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Beauty_and_the_Beast_2017_posterDisney’s newest live action adaption Beauty and the  Beast has finally dropped onto our screens and I am more than a little obsessed. Unlike your lucky dogs in America we Australians had to wait until March 22 for this enchanting tale as old as time to grace us with it’s charming, nostalgic presence but boy was it worth the wait!

Beauty and the Beast is nothing short of a masterpiece. The music, the acting, the costumes and sets – they just don’t make films like this anymore. Beauty and the Beast is a cinematic epic surely to please even the most unlikely of Disney fans. Both a respectful remake of the 1991 animated film and a new fairy tale (and princess for that matter!) for the twenty first century.

Now I could go on and on about this dazzling film (maybe we’ll leave that for another time) but for now, how about we get back to our books? In honor of the release of Disney’s new film I’m going to be recommending five YA and NA books to satisfy those Beauty and the Beast cravings.

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Paranormal Book Recommendations

7488244 It’s no secret that I am 100% here for YA Fiction. Not only just for young adults (although it is very much written and marketed towards teens), anyone at any age can enjoy a good YA book. After all – were we not all once young adults?

I think what I love the most about this genre is its broad scope of sub-genres and themes. Typically, YA focuses on teen protagonists and explores issues they face everyday. An often present theme is coming-of-age and growing up with the challenges it brings. These themes are often explored in (but not limited to) contemporary settings but work just as well using fantastical elements or even Sci-Fi or paranormal/the supernatural.

Today I’ll be sharing one of my favorite YA sub-genres and that is Paranormal/Supernatural books.

Beware; here there be monsters including; aliens, vampires, angles, zombies, werewolves and maybe even demons so hopefully you’ll find something to tame your blood lust.

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Fantasy Book Recommendations


12954620Beware – here there be dragons, faeries, pirates, assassins and bad ass princesses who can rescue themselves.

Fantasy is by far my favorite genre to read. When I’m bored with my mundane life it’s these books that are my go-to to pick me up and take me to far away places. Fantasy doesn’t have to be all Tinkerbell and Disney stories though (even though I do love me some Disney!). Here below you’ll find stories about princesses who are more than capable of saving themselves. In these books you’ll find characters with questionable morals, epic quests and enticing worlds.

These books fall under a variety of sub genres such as; high fantasy, low fantasy and urban fantasy so hopefully you’ll find something to your tastes.


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Science Fiction Recommendations

Across the Universe (Across the Universe, #1)If Fantasy is my favorite genre then Sci-Fi comes in close second. I am a whore for sweeping space operas and new worlds in the form of planets or space crafts.

There are a plethora of amazing YA Sci-Fi books out there – and they don’t have to be your typical Star Trek or Star Wars type. How about retold fairy tales in space? Aliens come to earth with shattering consequences? What about epic journeys across the universe to new planets where conspiracies reign and nothing is what it seems?

The possibilities are endless so let me share with you just a few of my favorites (because let’s face it – this post would go on forever if I could pick all of them!). Hopefully you find something to tickle your fancy and don’t forget to let me know in the comments below your own favorites!

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