The Woman’s History Book Tag

Who run the world? Girls!

Welcome back to my regular schedule – let’s just say that the past few weeks have been a wild time. Today, we’re getting back into the swing of things with an empowering and well over due book tag.

The lovely Belle from Belle Can Read tagged me for the Woman’s History Book Tag way-back-when in March. In true Reading By Starlight fashion, it’s taken me three months to complete. In my defense: I have a major back log of tags. But, thank you so much for the tag, Belle [and sorry it’s taken so long]! Belle’s blog is actually required reading and she even has a booktube account. Be sure to check out her videos because Belle’s channel is the kind of wholesome content we all need right about now.

Let’s get started!

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The Stuck at Home Book Tag

It’s been two months now of lock down in Australia and while we’re starting to see those restrictions ease, life is still far from normal. I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel a little stir-crazy…

19 Things People Who Went To A Big School Won't Understand

Just joking but not really.

So, while we’re still very much stuck inside, let’s think positive with the Stuck At Home Book Tag. This is a brand new tag created by the lovely Ellyn over at allonsythornraxx so be sure to give her post some love. Thank you so much for the tag, Ellyn! ❤

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The Book Interview Tag

Have you ever wondered about the girl behind the blog? Spoiler alert: she’s not afraid to let her freak flag fly. Well, today’s your lucky day because we’re getting up close and personal with the Book Interview Tag. I personally love questionnaire style book tags – it gives me a chance to share a little bit about myself. I always love the opportunity to learn more about my favorite bloggers and I hope you do too!

superman 1978 | Tumblr

Speaking of favorite bloggers – I have to give a big shout out to Daria from Bookaholic’s Therapy for tagging me. I actually had the BEST time completing this one so thank you my friend for the nomination! If you don’t already follow Daria you most definitely should. Be sure to check out her post too! ❤

Also, this tag was originally co-created by the lovely Esmé & Michaela as a way to introduce themselves to the blogging community [which is such a good idea]. You might want to pop over to their blogs too.

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The Disney Parks Book Tag [An Original Tag]

You’re girl’s back with another original tag – this one inspired by my obsession with all things Disney.

Disneyland GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

I can’t pin point exactly what it is that makes the Disney Parks feel so magical – I think it’s a combination. It’s the attention to detail, right down to the hidden Mickeys or the different scents wafting throughout each land. It’s the fact that every facet of each Park is fully-fleshed. The rides fully immersive, compete with an intricate, rich history. I mean, have you ever read the full backstory behind the Jungle Cruise or Phantom Manor? Seriously, said backstories read like sweeping epics. It only adds the that feeling of stepping into a fantasy.

So, let’s celebrate said magic – and the books that remind me of my favorite rides – as we take a virtual journey with the Disney Parks Book Tag.

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The Not-So-Perfect Book Tag

In a society where cancel culture is the new norm and COVID19 has forced us into isolation, let’s spread even more negativity with the Not-So-Perfect Book Tag. Because, what else would we do with our lives? Just kidding but not really.

But jokes aside, get comfortable, maybe even grab a glass of wine as we discuss a whole lot of not-so-perfect books, plots and characters. Spoiler alert: it’s about to get snarky.

But, before I get into it, I’d like to send a virtual social-distance-approved hug to my salt sisters Nish and Ngoc from Nish & Ngoc’s Book Nook. My “saltmates” are the reigning queens of salty reviews. Not only will they rip into your favorite books, but you’ll die laughing as they do. Thanks so much for the tag, girls. ❤ Also be sure to check out Alex’s original post over at Lost In Translation while you’re at it!

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Harley In The Sky Circus Book Tag

Fact: I am obsessed with the idea of circuses.
Fact: I have never been to the circus.

There’s just something so magical, so mysterious about the circus. Ever since my Robert Pattinson heyday and Water for Elephants I’ve held this fascination for the romance of the circus. Also, The Night Circus did absolutely nothing to curb that said fascination.

Anyway, now that we’ve established that circuses are my THING, I have to send a big shout out to to Kay for tagging me to participate in the Harley In The Sky Circus Book Tag. Kay is one of my bookish besties so be sure to check out her post too. Spoiler alert: her post inspired my GIFs so thank you, Kay! ❤

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Throne of Glass Book Tag

The year was 2016, I was struggling with my mental health and I had just dipped my toes into the world of high fantasy fiction. Having just finished Throne of Glass, I quickly became obsessed with the genre and swept away by the story of a would-be assassin’s fight for freedom.

But it wasn’t long before I realized that nobody in my personal life wanted to hear me rave about this book. I needed to find my people. And so, Books and Tea Leave – the blog that would eventually become Reading by Starlight – was created. You can see that I owe Miss Maas a lot.

So while we wait for her new book Crescent City: House of Earth and Blood, let’s have some fun with The Throne of Glass Book Tag. Before I get into the questions, I have to send some love to Carly from Reading is My Kind of Thing. Carly is one of my favorite bookish people and I never miss her reviews. Thank you for the tag Carly! ❤

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Tag: The Quick Fire Fantasy Tag

Anyone who knows me knows that I live my life mostly within the pages of fantasy novels [I mean, why wouldn’t you?]. Basically, if you’re selling a sweeping, magic world brimming with rich culture and lore then I’m buying. Which is why today’s tag, one that’s well overdue, is basically tailor made for me – and that’s the Quick Fire Fantasy book tag.

First, I have to send a big thank you to Ally from Ally Writes Things. Not only for the tag, but because she’s been super patient – what has it been? Three months? Two? It’s been a hot minuet, but thank you Ally!

Anyway, you know the drill: I’d love for you to show Ally some love and check out her amazing blog!

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I Dare You Book Tag

Reading By Starlight Book Tag Banner (13).png

Guess who’s back – did you miss me? I sure as heck missed all of you!

So I’m back from my brief week hiatus. If you missed my October Wrap-Up I was away for five days volunteering for charity on an annual event I do with my family. More on that to come. The thing is, I actually didn’t plan on you noticing my absence. True story. I was going to pre-write and schedule my posts but as it generally does, life got in the way.

Anyway, today I’m back with a fun tag thanks to my bookish bestie Sibby from Siobhan’s Novelties. As always, be sure to check out Siobhan’s blog because it’s required reading. Thanks for that tag Sibby! x

So, let’s get into it as I spill the beans on some of my bookish habits and pet peeves in the I Dare You Book Tag.

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Spooky Scary Book Tag

Reading By Starlight Book Tag Banner (12).png

Spoiler alert: Halloween is merely days away. So, as we gear up for the spookiest night of the year with the appropriate moody reading material and the obligatory screening of Dracula I figured why not have some fun with a Halloween-esque tag?

Behold: The Spooky Scary Book Tag.

The Spooky Scary Book Tag has been floating about the interwebs for a while and was originally created by Shelby Masako so be sure to check out her video here.

So, grab some pumpkin juice or a caramel apple and celebrate the spooky season.

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