Reader Quirks: Favorite Literary Maps

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It’s time for me to reveal yet another one of my many reader quirks. Last time I talked about my favorite tropes, this time I have something a little more stimulating…

When it comes to reading it’s no secret that I’m all about the world building. I think we’ve well and truly established that at this point. But, what you might not know is that I am a serious sucker for literary maps. You know, those eye popping, drool-worthy illustrated maps in the front of our favorite fantasy books? Yes, those maps. Well, I practically live for them.

Many books have them but I think we can all agree that there are maps and then there are maps. So, join me on a bookish adventure as we talk all things literary maps.

How many freaking times did I just use the word map???

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Reader Quirks: Favorite Tropes


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Every now and again, writers become stuck in a self-made box or rut. There will be times when it seems I am the well of inspiration herself, my fingers drumming across my keys as I write my posts. Other times not so much. I’m sure any blogger would agree with me, but constantly thinking up fresh, new and exciting content is hard! The pressure is real. [Especially if you’re a perfectionist like me].

When I sat down to plan out my blog posts for this week I came to a very dreaded conclusion: had I burnt myself out?!? I’d been posting review after review, completed some fun tags but where was the spark? I knew I needed to head back to the drawing board to find something fresh and fun.

And that’s a lot harder than it seems.

Then inspiration struck – I was watching a movie, completely invested in some seriously ridiculous cliched plot trope when it hit me – let’s do a discussion about my reader quirks! I can rave about my favorite tropes! [Not exactly original but hey, it was something]. So today, let’s discuss the literary devices that get me super invested…

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