2019 Royal Melbourne Show

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It’s that time of year again; with the spotlight on Melbourne for the Spring Racing Carnival, the annual Royal Melbourne Show rears it’s head. The Melbourne Show is essentially Melbourne’s answer to Sydney’s Easter Show. It’s two weeks of carnival vibes, thrills on the midway and amazing food.

Anyway, it’s your lucky day because I’m giving you a free pass. So, get comfy, maybe even grab some creaming soda and a bag of popcorn as I take you along with me for a day of adventuring.

Background info: The Royal Melbourne Show has been running annually during September for over 160 years. Organised by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, the show is primarily, a showcase of agriculture but has expanded over time to feature award-winning food and wine, exclusive entertainment and naturally, the very best in thrilling attractions.

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Field Tripping to the Store of Requirement in Melbourne

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“If you have to ask, you’ll never know. If you know, you need only ask.”

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I’ve been hanging out to do this post for the past two weeks. Especially after Jess and Teagan from Fictionnochaser tagged me to do the Harry Potter – Honoring the Dead Book Tag. What better way to follow up a Harry Potter tag than to do a field-trip-day-in-the-life-outing-thing? Still haven’t come up with a fancy name for it yet. So sue me.

Okay, so background information… Most people who know me know that I have an almost insatiable wanderlust. I love road trips and outings of any kind. Another thing, I’m a huge advocate for the beautifully vibrant city of Melbourne. When most people hear “Australia” they automatically think Sydney. Yes Sydney has a lot going for it; it’s very touristy with the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House but it’s dirty and the coffee isn’t half as good as Melbourne (the world’s most liveable city!). If Sydney is the Los Angeles of Australia than Melbourne is New York. Classier, cleaner and very cultured. Melbourne is Australia’s hidden gem. We have incredible intricate lane ways where you can explore street art and grab a bite to eat. We have the best coffee in Australia and, we are the Fashion and Arts capital down under. Our city is a sprawling, urban jungle dotted with lush park lands, cosmopolitan districts all trimmed by the Yarra River.

Right, now I’ve well and truly established my complete and utter love and devotion to Melbourne, let me tell you why Melbourne just got a whole lot better… Drum roll please…We now have an official Harry Potter store; The Store of Requirement! Located in the upmarket, hipster district of Collingwood, just a tram ride past Parliament, The Store of Requirement is the destination for any Witch or Wizard (muggles who?) and I can’t wait to share all the wonder with you all. I’ll try not to fan-girl to hard…

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