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Father forgive me for I have sinned…

Confession: I may-have-sort-of out grown Taylor Swift…??? *Braces for the oncoming mob and pitch forks*. I was obsessed in high school, I bought all the albums and then the Reputation era began and I just kind of missed the hype. And it’s not just Taylor Swift –  I basically outgrew pop music as a whole. I’m more of a indi-rock, Lana Del Rey kind of girl.

That being said, I am a firm believer that 1989 was Taylor’s best album and I can definitely still appreciate the pop princess. That and the fact that when your girls Nish and Ngoc create their very own original tag and your bestie Siobhan tags you how can you not jump on-board the band wagon?

So a shout out to my girls over at Nish & Ngoc’s Book Nook for creating this tag and a big hug and lots of love to Sibby from Siobhan’s Novelties for the tag. ❤ ❤ ❤

Also: favorite Taylor Swift song??? Wildest Dreams!

[Can we please get a Hollywood epic based on the concept of the music video already?!?]

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1. I Forgot That You Existed: A book that you want to forget you ever read


I think we all know why we’re here by now… No? Okay, let’s spill the tea *rubs hands together*. Here’s what you need to know: Wintersong is a Labyrinth retelling, I am a HUGE fan of David Bowie and The Goblin King is THE anti-hero. I wanted an epic adventure with romance, instead I got pretentious Labyrinth smut. Wattpad quality smut. NOT here for that. The world didn’t need a 50 Shades of Labyrinth. #notmygoblinking.

Ready for the full, in-depth rant? My salty AF review Can be found here.

2. Cruel Summer: A book you turn to when the going gets rough

16127220. sx318

Anne of Green Gables is the definition of a comfort read. It’s heart-warming and pure, basically this book will envelope you in a blanket of joy and nostalgia. That and the fact that I literally recommend it to every man and his dog. Depression? Anne of Green Gables. Anxious? Anne of Green Gables. Lonely? Anne of Green Gables. Living you’re best life? Anne of Green Gables.

Need further convincing? I rave all about my unconditional love here.

3. Lover : Your book OTP


One??? Just ONE? *Whines* But there are too many…! Fine. Gun to my head: Feyre and Rhysand from A Court of Mist and Fury. Feysand are the epitome of #relationshipgoals. I mean, their banter is both sexy and legendary, the tension is unreal and let’s just say that they get pretty dang steamy. [Chapter 55 anyone???]. But, steam and tension aside, their mutual respect and devotion to each other is the real MVP of ACOMAF.

4. The Man: Your fave kick-ass female protagonist


The Song of the Current duology is criminally underrated and I will never not rave about it. First of all; Caroline is a non-conformist in a man’s world. The definition of kick-ass, Caro is feisty, strong willed, highly capable and more than able to hold her own aboard her wherry. Secondly; Song of the Current is set along a network of murky riverlands with pirates. #enoughsaid.

To hear me rave and rave about the world-building, check out my review here.

5. The Archer: A book with good mental health representation

41147279. sy475

I loved Again, But Better mainly because of the fact that it centers around a twenty-something still struggling to get her shit together. I mean, show of hands if you too still feel like a mess. *raises hand*. Then there’s the fact that Shane is introverted, awkward and socially anxious. I related hard to Shane’s plaguing self-doubt and the way she over-analyzed literally everything. 

Wondering if it’s worth the hype? Read  the good and the bad here.

6. I Think He Knows: Your fave fictional crush


Can I say Edward Cullen??? I’m gonna say Edward Cullen. #twilightrenaissance. Look, problematic relationship and flaws aside, Edward Cullen was my first fictional crush and come on, you know what they say about your firsts… I had just started high school when Twilight blew up. The hype was unreal and I refused to buy into it. Then my best friend literally sat me down and forced me to read her movie-tie-in edition and my jaw hit the floor. Let’s just say I never looked back and practically doodled Edward’s name all over my diary. Didn’t we all???

7. Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince Fave angsty romance

22557520. sy475

The first thing you need to know about After is that it started off as fanfiction. A Wattpad fanfiction at that. Once you get past it’s humble beginnings, After is a seriously addictive, trashy romance dripping with sexual tension and steam. So yeah – it’s not award winning literature. But, at the same time it’s not just pure fluff either. After is actually a dark novel, dealing with some pretty intense subject matter. Full of angst and melodrama, After is a close look at the vicious cycle of abuse.

My in-depth look at fluff vs substance can be found here.

8. Paper Rings – Book with an ugly cover that you absolutely adored

18660669. sy475

Honestly? I don’t hate the re-design of the Vampire Academy covers. But, I know so many people loath them. That being said, both the cover and the title “Vampire Academy” doesn’t inspire much and it’s not a true reflection of the kick-ass characters inside. Don’t let it fool you – even re-reading as a twenty-something, Vampire Academy kicks ass. A story about the bond between blood sisters, Vampire Academy is layered with wit, snark and plenty of humor. And, just in case you were wondering, there are plenty of steamy scenes…

Full review can be found here.

9. Cornelia Street – A book or series you never want(ed) to end


Can I just freaking live inside this book already??? I mean Sorcery of Thorns consumed me. 110% recommend. Basically you have a sword brandishing, feminist protagonist, a swoon-worthy love interest and enchanted libraries that house evil books which, when provoked, turn into monsters. And oh yeah – there’s also demon butlers who turn into cats. Need I go on???

You can see why Sorcery of Thorns is my new favorite here.

10. Death By A Thousand Cuts – A book or series that deserved a better ending


Okay, don’t get me wrong here, I adore The Phantom of the Opera. I stand by my opinion that EVERYONE should read it. That has nothing to do with the fact that I’m in love with Ramin Karimloo. The Phantom of the Opera is a doomed romance. Christine becomes the object of Erik’s obsession and we witness his decent into madness as he desperately tries to possess her heart. Once, just once, I’d love to crack open this gothic classic and read an ending where Christine goes back for Eric.

11. London Boy – Your fave British male protagonist

28962906. sy475

This late in the game, we all know Will Herondale is the fan-favorite brooding London boy. I never could get 100% on-board the Herondale train but Stalking Jack the Ripper’s Thomas Cresswell could sure as heck give Will a serious run for his money. Thomas Cresswell is sinfully handsome and bold with a sharp wit to match. He’s also incredibly cocky and arrogant. Hello sexual tension! If Thomas doesn’t set your cheeks aflame I’m not sure what will.

12. Soon You’ll Get Better – A book that your heart will never recover from


Once again, I threw my TBR to the wind so I could pick up this sinfully addictive Rom-Com. As you do. But, it’s a good thing I did pick up The Hating Game because let me tell you; I freaking LIVED for it. The Hating Game seemed to be all over my feed and with good reason. This book followed me everywhere as Lucy and Josh went from tense work nemeses to swoon-inducing lovers. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever recover from this book and unfortunately for me, no romance could ever compare.

13. False God – A character you would leap into the burning pits of hell to save


Wanderer [Wanda for short] is The Host’s too-pure-for-this-world protagonist and she must be protected at all costs. In true Invasion of the Body Snatchers fashion, Wanda is a soul, a parasitic alien who forms a bond with her resistant human host Melanie. Wanda is self-sacrificing, gentle yet resilient and incredibly strong. All I wanted to do was jump inside the pages and punch everyone who laid a hand on her once she joined the human resistance. Screw you Jared.

You can read my full review here – don’t let Twilight put you off!

14. You Need To Calm Down – A book with a powerful message


The Martian is one of the most inspiring, powerful books I’ve had the pleasure of reading. On one hand, it’s a classic survival story brimming with edge-of-your-seat suspense and a wisecracking protagonist. On the other, The Martian examines the spirit of humanity, saluting the conquests of space exploration. Not only is Mark Watney, botanist extraordinaire, seriously optimistic and determined but the diverse cast of supporting characters on the ground help create this sense of community.

If you want the tediously long look at just how inspiring this book is, feel free to check out my review here.

15. Afterglow – A book you want to give a second chance

37772713. sy475

Like Wintersong, The Cruel Prince is a book that rears it’s head in every tag I do. Probably because nothing could compare to the soul crushing disappointment experienced. Everyone raved about the Cruel Prince. Literally everyone. Trashy, abusive and bland, I didn’t buy into the hype. That didn’t stop me from buying The Wicked King. Because I’m still convinced I read the wrong book, eventually I’ll get around to given Jude and Carden another chance.

16. ME! – Best character development

Image result for the afterlife of holly chase australian cover

Considering I re-read The Afterlife of Holly Chase every Christmas I should probably get around to actually reviewing it… A contemporary retelling of A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge Holly Chase is selfish, vain and deliciously vindictive. She’s also dead. Serving eternal punishment for ignoring the three ghosts, Holly is now the Ghost of Christmas Past, working for Project Scrooge. Considering that this book is super Rom-Com-y, Holly’s journey of self-discovery is actually pretty deep and you can’t help but root for her second chance.


17. It’s Nice To Have A Friend – Fave friends-to-lovers story


Anna and the French Kiss is pure trash and I love it. The epitome of YA Rom Coms and of friends to lovers, Anna and Étienne will leave you swooning. Set in Paris, Anna and the French Kiss is full of romantic near-misses and sizzling tension. Étienne is off limits but that doesn’t stop what starts as a beautiful friendship blossoming into something more. Also their adventures around Paris had me feeling all the wanderlust. Can somebody just take me to Paris already???

18. Daylight – If you could only read one book or series again and again, what would it be?


I mean, did you honestly think it would be any other series??? Throne of Glass is my favorite fantasy series and no other book has come close. Every time I re-read this series I always pick up some precious little nugget of gold that I somehow missed the first fifty times around. What starts out as an assassin’s struggle for freedom evolves into a much wider scope, encompassing an entire world of complex characters and richly woven cultures. Beware though – this series should come with a hangover warning.

Also, I am of the opinion that my reviews for the Throne of Glass series are some of my best. I guess that comes from reviewing your favorite books??? Anyway, you’re welcome to check them out, starting with the prequel the Assassin’s Blade here.

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21 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Lover Book Tag

  1. Oh my gosh Alexandria I have too many things to say for one comment. Firstly, I promise not to come after you with a pitch-fork 😛. I hope despite your changing music taste you enjoyed her new album if you have listened to it!

    I feel the same way about Twilight – my friend made me read it and high school me was OBSESSED. We must discuss this further, my inner 13 year is screaming rn.

    We must have similar book tastes because I agreed with almost everything you had to say – the Martian, Vampire Academy and Anna and the French Kiss are three books I really loved! Really enjoyed your post 😊

    Thanks for doing our tag!

    💚 Nish

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha that’s good to know because I’m too young to die in a freak mob accident! 😉 I’ve actually listened to most of the album [had to have inspiring music when writing my post!] and I have to say I’ve enjoyed it much more than Reputation. I think my favorite song is Cruel Summer.

      And OH GOOD LORD WE MUST TALK TWILIGHT WITH OUR 13 YEAR-OLD-SELVES! I’m so glad to find that I’m not the only one harboring a not-so-secret crush. I’ll probably love Edward and Twilight in general till the day I die. Also, I’m still convinced me and my future husband will be dancing to Flightless Bird at our wedding… [He has no choice in the matter].

      Thank you so much for reading Nish! xo ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Alexandra, I’m CONVINCED you are my salt-mate (you know, like a soulmate but just someone you can be eternally salty with) – your comments about Wintersong crack me up 😂 So interestingly enough, Vampire Academy is actually another book I want to give a second chance, because I felt kinda meh about it the first time? That was YEARS ago though 😛 I also love that Nish respectfully ignored your comment about not jumping on the Herondale train since she’s basically runs, drives and sells tickets to the Herondale train 😂

        Thanks so much for doing this tag even though you’re not a huge Swiftie anymore!!! (And no need to apologise, your music tastes are allowed to change! 😂)

        💛 Ngoc

        Liked by 1 person

        • Omg, you crack me up, Ngoc! Seriously, as in doubled-over-in-stitches-clutching-my-stomach kind of cracked up! 😂😂😂 I mean – “saltmates”??? I AM DYING. ICONIC. Let it be known that I second the motion; saltmates for life!

          You know, in all fairness I probably should give both Will Herondale and the Infernal Devices another go. Clearly I’m missing something here ahaha! Put it this way, I definitely loved him better than Jace but maybe it would help if I actually finished the dang series and read Clockwork Princess already. *Hides head in shame*.

          As for Vampire Academy, I’ve been slowly re-reading them so I can finally finish Last Sacrifice. Look, I still love them but as I got deeper into the series I definitely felt this sort of disillusionment. I think Vampire Academy are the sort of books that are better the first time around. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a great series that packs a punch but as I get older they suddenly don’t seem as steamy and scandalous as I remember… haha!

          Thanks you so much for reading! xo ❤

          Liked by 1 person

          • Oooh yes, definitely give TID a second go – I actually thought it was a little overhyped the first time I read it, but then I read it again & fell in love 😍

            HAHAHA isn’t it funny sometimes when you return to old faves & you’re like wait…this was so much better in my memories 😂


            Liked by 1 person

  2. YES CAN WE ACTUALLY ALL MY TWILIGHT FEELS HAVE BEEN SUPPRESSED. And people can say what they want about the movies but those soundtracks were golden. Totally on board with Flightless Bird, mine would be Turning Page 😉

    Also as Ngoc said I champion the Herondale express and anytime you want to try another ticket you’ve got one free of charge.

    💚 Nish


    • Anytime, Kay – I can’t wait to read your answers! Anne of Green Gables is my favorite! I actually wanted to read the rest of the books this year but I’ve already failed at my TBR so I’d better save it for next year ahaha. ❤


    • You’re welcome, Ellyn! I’ll look forward to reading your answers! I really regret not reading Vampire Academy in high school. I was a snob and avoided it like the plague but it’s such an addictive, action packed series. And I am 100% on-board the Dimitri express! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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