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Who run the world? Girls!

Welcome back to my regular schedule – let’s just say that the past few weeks have been a wild time. Today, we’re getting back into the swing of things with an empowering and well over due book tag.

The lovely Belle from Belle Can Read tagged me for the Woman’s History Book Tag way-back-when in March. In true Reading By Starlight fashion, it’s taken me three months to complete. In my defense: I have a major back log of tags. But, thank you so much for the tag, Belle [and sorry it’s taken so long]! Belle’s blog is actually required reading and she even has a booktube account. Be sure to check out her videos because Belle’s channel is the kind of wholesome content we all need right about now.

Let’s get started!

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Rosa Parks
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The Cruel Prince is an urban fantasy book about Jude, a morally grey human who is stolen away and whisked off to live in the treacherous court of Faerie. Being a human in Faerie is tough and while Jude wants to belong, she is raised to keep her head down in order to survive – and for good reason. But what makes Jude so compelling is how unapologetically human she is. Despite her fears and vulnerability, Jude quickly learns to adapt to this dark, complex world. Jude doesn’t just sit around – she’s fierce and brave as she schemes relentlessly to claim a position in the court.

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Stalking Jack the Ripper introduced readers to miss Audrey Rose Wadsworth, a nineteenth century feminist and student of forensic science. Audrey Rose is truly perfect for this list – she is a firm believer of gender equality and won’t conform to societies expectations. More at home in her grandfather’s laboratory than her parlor, Audrey Rose is curious, intelligent and fiercely independent with a wit as sharp as her scalpel.


In All the Stars and Teeth, Amora Montara is the crown princess of Visidia, future High Animancer and heir to a fierce, unrelentingly dark power. But while Amora was raised in a sprawling palace, the King shelters her from the kingdom’s shifting politics. When the truth emerges, Amora is forced to question everything she knows and is thrust into a quest to save her reign. What I loved about Amora is her genuine love for her people. She had this fierce loyalty to her kingdom and will do anything to protect it. That and the fact that she’s brave and adventurous with a will of steel.


Margaret Rogerson’s sophomore novel, Sorcery of Thorns is one of the most beautifully lyrical books I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. For starters, the protagonist is a badass sword brandishing feminist who literally lives in a Hogwarts-esque library. Then there’s the prose. Let me tell you, the way Margaret Rogerson writes Summershall is just – well there just aren’t any words. I could practically see the dust motes dancing in the musty, stagnant air. I could feel the dampness permeating the drafty, stone walls. I could smell the mild, earthly scent of the leather bound volumes and the crisp notes of old parchment.


I will always credit Throne of Glass and Aelin Ashryver Galathynius for teaching me that you don’t need to sacrifice your femininity in order to be a warrior. Aelin’s character grows so much over the course of the series, evolving from the sassy, arrogant assassin to a calculated and self-sacrificing leader. As the heir to the throne of Terrasen, Aelin will do whatever it takes to see her family safe and her country liberated.


These Broken Stars is a high-stakes survival adventure with a science fiction twist. When the Icarus, a luxury space liner, is yanked from hyperspace and sent plummeting into an uninhabited planet, Lilac LaRoux, the richest girl in the universe and Major Tarver Merendsen are the sole survivors. At first glance, Lilac seems a red haired, feisty but spoilt little rich girl drowning under the weight of her father’s secrets. And yet, she is more complex than she seems. Forced to trek across isolated terrain with meager supplies, Lilac quickly adapts to her new reality. She’s intelligent and hands-on, boasting a quiet strength.


What makes Song of the Current different to most YA pirate themed books is it’s strong willed, highly capable heroine Caroline. Criminally underrated, Caro the definition of bad ass. She’s stubborn, feisty and more than able to hold her own aboard her father’s wherry. I also love that she’s a non-conformist in her world. Living along the murky waterways of the Riverlands, Caro forsakes stays and gowns in favor of breeches – and she doesn’t care what others think. Then there’s the fact that she’s street smart. Our girl knows how to navigate her way around a bargain or a tavern.

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The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue is an eighteen century romp across the Continent featuring a ton of misadventures involving highwaymen, pirates and gypsies. But this is not just a swoon-y LGBTQ+ romance set against the backdrop of a grand tour – the Gentleman’s Guide actually tackles some very difficult topics. Homophobia, sexism, racism, PTSD and parental abuse are explored tastefully as our flawed, privileged characters gallivant across Europe. The history of queer culture itself is explored, highlighting and challenging societies misguided views that homosexuality was sinful and illegal.


I will never stop recommending The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon. In fact, I love starting my New Year’s off right with an annual re-read. The Sun is Also a Star is surprisingly philosophical for a YA novel and deserve all it’s hype. Grounded in scientific fact, The Sun is Also a Star is a story about fate and features a diverse cast of characters. It’s about cause and effect – you’ll stop and question the role you play in the gathered consciousness of the universe.

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Full of joy and heart, Anne of Green Gables is an enchanting, uplifting classic whose valuable lessons can be enjoyed at any age. L.M. Montgomery’s iconic red-headed little orphan, Anne Shirley teaches us that life is all about the little things. Anne has this uncanny ability to appreciate beauty and find wonder – we need only open our eyes. As we enter adulthood, I think we lose touch with the simplicity. Anne rekindles our inner child. Having a strong, vivid imagination can change the world.

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Christie & Thi | Daria | Emma | Jamie | Julie | Nish & Ngoc | Octavia | YOU


34 thoughts on “The Woman’s History Book Tag

    • Oh you should 100% check out Song of the Current! It’s criminally underrated but one of my favorites books. It’s an action packed duology set along the murky fantasy world of the Riverlands. There’s pirates, frogmen, political intrigue and a slow burn romance. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you end up picking it up!

      Much love 💙

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  1. Yes and yes to your answers!!! The Sun is Also A Star IS surprisingly philosophical and the characters and the plot are just the best! I’ve also read Everything Everything Nicola Yoon!
    Yaya, a fellow Anne of the Green Gables lover❤️Have you watched AWAE or any adaptions of Anne of the Green Gables ? Anne is a strong and powerful female character and her relationship with Gilbert is the cutest 😍

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    • I am such a fan of Everything, Everything – both the book and the film adaption. It’s such a beautiful book and so clever! I love books that incorporate illustrations and graphics. I could pretty much read that book in just one sitting! 💙

      And AHHHHHHHH – someone to rave to about all things Anne! To be honest, I never got 100% onboard with Anne With An E – I grew up watching Megan Follows in the 80’s Canadian TV film adaptions. I am OBSESSED with those adaptions. I will never stop shipping Anne and Gilbert! 😍😍😍

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      • Omg, I don’t know many people who have seen the Anne of the Green Gables with Meagan Follows!!!😂😄 That’s my all time favorite, I didn’t even ask because legit nobody has seen it which is a pity because it’s amazing! What’s your favorite movie in that trilogy?
        Yessss, Anne and Gilbert forever

        Liked by 1 person

        • OH MY GOODNESS – SAME! Literally NO ONE has seen those movies??? My mum grew up with them and taped them off the TV onto a VCR [because that’s what we all did growing up in the 2000’s!]. Mum practically raised me on those movies! As a child nothing beat the original movie. Anne as a child is just so innocent and pure. That movie was the definition of heartwarming. Now that I’m older I love the romance of the War-time backdrop. That scene where they’re reunited gets me every dang time. 😭

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          • Andnskmecnkdbccjekzmcbkejsbd (sorry for fangirling, couldn’t help it)!!! Ahhhh, I know exactly the moment your talking about! When Gil and Anne reunite( and before she was signing Let me Call You Sweetheart) and that music is playing in the background, I just sob every time😭The war- time backdrop just adds to make the movie so amazing and yet frightening at times. Anne was such a role model for me growing up and watching these movies with my sister and my mother. I mean she still is such a icon to me, Anne is just a ball of creativity, smartness and just everything good 🙂
            Ahh, I’m so glad I know a fellow Anne with the Green Gables movie❤️💖

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  2. This is such a fantastic tag! Yay for amazing women! I admire Rosalind Franklin so much she’s so under appreciated and also I have never heard of Song of the Current somehow but it sounds amazing feisty girls and pirates?? Clearly I need to check this out. I totally agree that the writing in Sorcery of Thorns is so beautiful and Jude definitely doesn’t do as she’s told but that just makes her better ❤ loved reading this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • AHHHHHH, KAY YOU SERIOUSLY NEED SONG OF THE CURRENT IN YOUR LIFE! IT’S AH-MAY-ZING! Trust me when I say it’s right up your alley! There’s pirates, political intrigue, romance, adventure AND a seriously atmospheric watery kingdom. THINK THE JUNGLE CRUISE!!!

      Also, you don’t want to get me started on Sorcery of Thorns because that book was the ruin of me for almost all other books. I think a re-read is in order! 😂

      Thank you so much for reading! 💙


    • Awwww – thank you so much for reading! It’s such an amazing, empowering book tag. I will never stop recommending Sorcery of Thorns – it’s like a love letter to books! The writing is so whimsical and the romance is just *insert chef’s kiss here*.

      Much love, Alexandra 💙


    • Whenever I need a little extra confidence I channel Jude – I don’t think I appreciated just how incredible and inspiring her character is the first time I read the series. Can you believe I hated it? Now The Cruel Prince has grown on me like a weed, clawing it’s way up onto my list of all time favorites. 💙


  3. There are some books here I really want to read – I bought A Gentleman of Vice and Versa and need to read it. I read The Sun is Also A Star last year and thought it was great. Sorcery Of Thorns has been on my TBR for so long. I need to read it! Great post and answers

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ll be interested to hear what you think of the Gentleman’s Guide. I wasn’t as obsessed as everyone else seemed to be but it’s still a fun time. I love the Road Trip trope and let me tell you – Monty and Percy’s grand tour across Europe is one heck of a road trip!

      I would 100% recommend reading Sorcery of Thorns though. I almost past over Sorcery of Thorns because I didn’t love the author’s other fantasy standalone An Enchantment of Ravens. All I can say is I’m so glad I went against my better judgement because Sorcery of Thorns is now one of my favorite books. The setting has that Hogwarts vibe and the romance is so sweet. I hope you enjoy it! 💙


  4. !! I’m so glad you did this tag, Alexandra – especially in true Reading By Starlight fashion 😂. Thank you for all of the kind words 😭💛! But actually, /your/ blog is required reading. I swear I love your writing voice and humor so much hahaha. Also, I literally just made a video a couple of days ago for my July TBR, and the first book on there is The Color of Magic thanks to your Discworld post haha 😄! The Cruel Prince is another book that’s high on my TBR – I’m really excited to get to know Jude’s character! And I had never heard of the Song of the Current, but I will definitely be reading it 😮. I hope you’ve been doing well 🙂!

    Liked by 1 person


      And I’m so excited that you added The Colour of Magic to your July TBR [setting a reminder to go and check it out ASAP!]. You’ll have to message me on Goodreads or Instagram [if you have them] so we can discuss it! I hope you love it as much as I do. 😉

      Funny story – I actually hated the Cruel Prince when I first read it. I don’t think I was prepared for the sheer amount of backstabbing or the morally grey characters. When I re-read the series this year I realized that I completely missed the whole point of the series. I realized that what makes Jude such an empowering character are her flaws. Haha it’s safe to say the series grew on me like a weed – it’s now one of my favorites! 😂


      Sending you a big hug and thank you again for the tag! 💙

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      • Yes, I’ll definitely message you 😄💛!! Fingers crossed I can comprehend and enjoy the story hahaha 🤞🏼.
        😂 I’m so glad to hear that about The Cruel Prince! Jude sounds like such a cool character!
        And ahhh, so many books to read 😂😭.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Fingers crossed! Actually the Colour of Magic is the perfect starting point because it feels more like an extended prologue to the Discworld series. You’ll be gently eased into the world and you’ll be introduced to some key characters and locations. Also, it’s almost impossible to put down! 💙 😉

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  5. Eep, what an AMAZING tag!!!! 😍 Girls really *do* run the world, honestly 💁🏻‍♀️ I have been meaning to read Stalking Jack the Ripper for AEONS & someone really needs to grab a copy & beat me over the head with it, stat 😂 Thanks for tagging us – can’t wait to see how many of our answers match up 😂 (seriously though – the writing in Sorcery of Thorns is just *chef’s kiss*)

    💛 forever, your saltmate, Ngoc

    Liked by 1 person


      Stalking Jack the Ripper is so amazing. No joke – I got some serious Infernal Devices vibes. Thomas is 100% a Herondale descendant with his snark, charm and wit. You girls are going to DIE. [But like, not actually because then who will I rant to??? 😂] That being said, Hunting Prince Dracula was such a DRAG. Mind you, that could be because I HATE Dracula with all the force of the FIERY PITS OF HELL.

      Can’t wait to read your post!
      Forever your Salt mate 💙

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      • DID YOU JUST. SAY THAT JACK THE RIPPER HAS THE INFERNAL DEVICES VIBES???? BRB GOING TO ORDER THAT BOOK NOW 😱 Ahahahahah I’ll try not to die reading it but I’ll know who to come crying to when the feels hit 😂

        💛 forever, Ngoc

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  6. This is a really neat post! Loving how this was set up so so so much. I loved Cruel Prince and have All the Stars and Teeth and Sorcery of Thrones on my TBR. Seriously can’t wait to get to both of them. It’s always so many books so little time!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much – although I can’t take credit for the set up. That was 100% the original creator, Margaret from Weird Zeal. I loved how she added the backstory behind each inspiration woman from history!

      As for The Cruel Prince, All the Stars and Teeth and Sorcery of Thorns? I would highly recommend reading all three! Especially Sorcery of Thorns which reads as a love letter to books.

      Thank you for stopping by!
      Much love, Alexandra 💙

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  7. Ive either read all of these or have them on my TBR already and can’t wait to check them out. I’m not sure how I heard of Song Of The Current, as this is the first time I’ve seen a blogger mention it, but it’s definitely on my TBR. I especially can’t wait to read Stalking Jack The Ripper, Sorcery Of The Thorn and All The Stars & Teeth, the last of which hasn’t been released yet here.

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