Bookish Candle Review: Cosmic Moon

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Happy Friday – who’s pumped for the weekend??? I know I am but that’s not all I’m excited about today… I’ve just unboxed a set of lovely bookish goodies from Cosmic Moon and I can’t wait to share them all with you!

There comes a time in a book-nerd’s life when she must add bookish candles – that is, candles inspired by her favorite book series or character to her hallowed shelves. There is no better way to express your love for your favorite reads or to treat your book shelf. Sadly, coming across bookish items at affordable prices is not always easy. If you live in Australia you know exactly what I’m talking about. We don’t have the abundance of Etsy or webstores located down under as you lucky people do in say the UK or the USA. As much as I utterly adore some of the candles available paying the shipping charge is a nightmare. THEN I SAW THE LIGHT! I found Sarah’s store Cosmic Moon located in Tasmania Aus and not only are her candles stunning but they are super affordable as well! 🙂

5 Stars



First things first – can we please just talk about this packaging??? I wasn’t expecting my candles to arrive in such a lovely box! When I’ve ordered candles in the past they arrived in a plain white box with a thank you card. Not only did I receive a beautiful box from Cosmic Moon and a matching thank you card but Sarah wrapped each individual candle first in bubble wrap and then tissue paper. Each candle arrived without any cracks or marks in the jars but even the wax of the candles themselves were perfect. There wasn’t even a hint of frosting or cracking in the hand poured wax. This is an issue I’ve had with purchasing candles in the past and it was so good to see the care and  craftsman[woman?]ship that went into my order.

The Candles: 

When I saw Sarah’s shipping charges and just how affordable they were I jumped the gun and went a little crazy… No I do not have a problem. I ended up treating myself to five lovely candles, all from Sarah’s A Court of Thorns and Roses line. And then when my first order arrived so promptly (only seven days!) and I realized just how much I loved them I simply had to go and order some more. Hey – there are worse addictions! Each Candle on Sarah’s Etsy are AUS $9.99 (how great is that?). The candles are made from soy wax and come in 4oz jars. Let me just tell you I seriously love her labels. They look just as vivid and pretty in person as they do on her Etsy and Instagram and really add to the aesthetic of my bookshelf.

6AFDDE64-F6E5-4155-8D6D-4DDF2C7ED6BBRhysand: High Lord of the Night Court 4oz Soy Candle

The Rhysand candle smells exactly how I imagine this sexy High Lord of the Night Court would smell. Rhysand smells of sandlewood and cedarwood and comes with a dusting of sparkles

Feyre: High Lady of the Night Court 4oz Soy Candle

Feyre pairs nicely with the Rhysand candle. Where Rhys is all spicy and sexy, Feyre is sweet, smelling of grape, strawberry and sugar. Feyre, like Rhys is dusted with glitter and sparkles only hers is pink to match her stunning label.

Court of Dreams 4oz Soy Candle

The Court of Dreams, everyone’s favorite dream team and squad. I cannot express my love for these characters, or this beautiful candle enough. The Court of Dreams smells of dreamy marshmallow.

Velaris: The City of Starlight 4oz Soy Candle

Okay so its a tough choice between Rhysand and Velaris for the award of favorite candle. Velaris smells simply tantalizing and exactly what I’d imagine the breeze off of the Sidra would. Velaris smells of jasmine, neroli and lily and I could honestly smell this candle all day.

Night Court 4oz Soy Candle  

Ah, the Night Court – what would I give to live in Velaris and be apart of Rhys’s inner circle? The Night Court smells so yummy – buttercream vanilla.

If you haven’t already checked out the amazing candles over at Cosmic Moon what are you waiting for? For those who live in Australia, Sarah’s candles are super affordable with a great shipping rate. Unfortunately international customers might have to pay a little more but it is 100% worth it. These candles would make great gifts or, a perfect addition to your book shelf. Also, don’t forget to check out Sarah’s other bookish candles. She has so many available and not all of them are inspired by Sarah J. Maas’s books. There is a candle for everyone.

Do you have a favorite bookish candle? Are there some other stores I should check out? Please let me know in the comments below and as always, happy reading! I hope you all have a great weekend.

*Disclaimer: This Review was not sponsored in any way and all options expressed are my own



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